Below are a variety of resources to support the BABEC laboratory curriculum.

Resources for Using GelRedTM Safe Nucleic Acid Gel Stain 

Web Resources and Articles for PCR Labs:

Alu PV92
Mt. DNA Sequencing
Wolbachia PCR

MSDS Files:
An alphabetical listing of the chemicals used in the BABEC-supported labs. Click on the chemical name to download the pdf file. Below are additional resources for information on laboratory and chemical safety:

NSTA Safety and School Science Instruction
Laboratory Safety for Schools
Flinn Safety
Directory of K-12 Lab Safety Topics


Thermal Cycler Grid Template
Debriefing Forms
Informed Consent Release Form

PCR Machine Manuals

GeneAmp® 2400 (20.3Mb)
GeneAmp® 2700 (4.2Mb)
GeneAmp® 9700 Quick Reference
GeneAmp® 9700 (1.4Mb)
Stratagene RoboCycler® 96 User Manual (616Kb)

 Instructions for HB101 Glycerol Stocks [under construction]

PowerPoint Presentations

Presentations are available for several BABEC and partnership labs.  You must be signed in as an authenticated teacher to view and download the files below.  If you do not see the file access list, please contact us.